Real Madrid 2014 Home kit Away and 3rd Jersey

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 Real Madrid officially presented the new Home and Away jersey that the players during the 2013/2014 season will. Ozil, Benzema Morata and thus faces the press in a blue dress and all in a retro style for the away kit. In this presentation, the French Karim Benzema was the first to speak on the new jersey. "I like the blue, a color that is also one of the team jersey of France." Yesterday, Real Madrid dominated the Paris Saint-Germain in a friendly match which was played in Sweden. A meeting that allowed both teams to try out their new away shirt 2013/2014. "Sports" side, fans will remember the victory of Real Madrid (1-0) thanks to a goal from Benzema. Side visibility is Fly Emirates wins the game. The airline is the sponsor and jersey PSG but also for Real Madrid this season replacement.

After those Barça are the new outfits for Real Madrid 2013-2014 season just been unveiled. The Real Madrid daily AS has published on its website pictures of the jerseys home, outdoor and third Real for 2013-2014 season. Apart from the new sponsor (Fly Emirates), the new tunic bear the Merengues Santiago Bernabeu is there a more classic, innovation lying in the orange border around the edges of the shirt. The tradition of solid color is met with the usual pristine white home jersey for a very royal blue Chelsea away shirt for the orange and not too loud for the third jersey.
Real Madrid : backstage at the launch of the new 2013-2014 jersey!

Graciously invited by Adidas to represent the French press, Foot Mercato attended Thursday in the debut of the new Real Madrid home jersey for the 2013-2014 season. Travelogue .

But what can therefore watch these travelers Barajas airport ? Certainly not my cup of hazardous hair and manhandled by a night's sleep 120 minutes. Probably not my look plump , which alongside that of Cristiano Ronaldo, Mesut Özil and Karim Benzema other , can make me regret not having pierced in the middle of high-level sport . But while all eyes are worth me both curious and strangely sympathetic ? Ah yes , that's it, I've found. In the rush of an advanced airport departure , I forgot to remove the shirt of Real Madrid generously offered a few hours earlier by Adidas communication service, fussing with his guests . "There 's orange , right? "And gives me an employee of a fast food of the Madrid airport. "Oh yes indeed, but frankly, it looks very good ," he added after the turn of myself and the famous merengue new jersey at the same time .

Thursday in Madrid, Florentino Perez has indeed benefited from the formalization of the agreement now linking Real Madrid Fly Emirates (new sponsor who will pay between € 25 and 30 million over five years , the Madrid club ) to present new " camisetas " the White House for the upcoming season . Formalities and courtesies of the past economic agreement , two new outfits Real Madrid thus entered the scene on the podium of the Palco de Honor de Santiago Bernabéu , the home and one should see a more regular basis next season, with the departure of Mourinho , Iker Casillas . For the occasion , all players of the professional staff of Real Madrid were present, except for Marcelo (Brazil) , Nacho and Morata ( Spanish selection U21) , Varane (injured) and Ricardo Carvalho (freshly transferred to Monaco ) . Neither Jose Mourinho, nor any member of his staff , were against in the game, proof that Mourinho Real - page is already turned towards Chamartín then there is still one more day of Liga tomorrow night against Osasuna, to play ...

Benzema gondola to the promotion of new jersey
Casual and elegant in their three-piece suit , Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo , Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos were the first to wield the new tunic Madrid alongside Florentino Perez and the Chairman of Emirates Group , Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum . These four players are also with the five Madrid Xabi Alonso present the visual campaigns promoting the brand with the three stripes (see photo ) . Note that if Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo are in the background , it is simply because they do not have the same personnel that the equipment sponsor of Real Madrid (unlike Benzema, Casillas and Xabi Alonso, also under contract with Adidas individual) . Then all these people ended up in an atmosphere of camp on the green lawn of the Santiago Bernabéu to test , in working condition , the new equipment . Two jokes Cristiano Ronaldo and three official photos later, it was time for merengue players to comply with their contractual obligation by giving a few minutes of their precious time to lucky media communication , as Foot Mercato , had the great privilege to attend this event. Jose Callejon and Antonio Adan especially Karim Benzema ( see interview here ) and made ​​us happy to answer our questions and talk about their first impressions of the new home jersey .

The orange, a gamble but managed by Adidas
And at the heart of all discussions , there was of course the detail that you certainly not lost , namely the emergence this year of the new orange color on white tunic of the Madrid club, a first in the history of Real. " The colors change a little white and blue that almost every season. This is a new style , frankly I find super nice . " We Benzema has slipped . A globally shared by all Madrid supporters crossed yesterday in the Iberian capital notice . "I come from Mexico. I did not even know that the new Real Madrid shirt came out today. I just see the orange detail pleases me . This jersey is worthy of Real Madrid " we has launched Pablo joined on field by John , a resident of Birmingham, also visiting the Spanish capital :" The orange brings a different key, it's really beautiful . "

With over 1.4 million Real Madrid jerseys sold during the 2011 /2012 season (see here) , Adidas can therefore be satisfied with these initial positive returns. Add to that a possible contract extension Cristiano Ronaldo, and you get good reasons to believe that sales of jerseys Real will again take off next season. Who is the new shirt sponsor of Real already ?