Real Madrid Confirmed the Control of Barcelona with 2-1 on 02-03-2013

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Sergio Ramos Goal vs FC Barcelona 02-03-2013

** Real review the strength and hardens on Barcelona in the Clasico tactical .. Messi continues to break down the numbers **
Mourinho manipulated Roura .. Cristiano turn the tables in the second half
Flea Argentine Di Stefano just .. He scored in the match 16 consecutive league

Real Madrid confirmed the control of the Clasico for the second time in a row within a few days and beat arch-rivals Barcelona 2-1 in the match that took place between them on the playground Santiago Bernabeu stronghold club, the matches of Week 26 of La Liga, and this result stops balance Barça at 68 points in fore as the stock has risen riyal's 55 points in the third, trimming the gap to 13 points.

Did not match engorgement high technical Balmahat, and enthusiasm between the two teams in the first half, due to the large difference in the points, while improving performance and elevated to the level of the event in the second half, and explained that Mourinho knows how to play against Barça good .. Real Benzema scored (d 6) and Ramos (d 82) and Barcelona Messi (d 18).

Lionel Messi continued his hobby to break records, where a fair number of legend Di Stefano scoring goal No. 18 in Clasico meetings, and himself by scoring goals in the match No. 16 consecutive La Liga .. While Barcelona failed to win over arch-rivals for the fifth consecutive game where he was last victory for Ktalaunayn 23 last August.

Fox Portuguese Mourinho Real made adjustments to their configuration, which play in meeting the cup because he is busy meet continental Almanao, where he played his usual 4-2-3-1 way, but made several adjustments where Bbenzima pushed spearhead, and was succeeded by Kaljkhoun from the right side instead suspended from Di Maria, Kaka in the middle, and Murata in the left side, while he sat on the bench Ozil, Cristiano Khedira to Araanhm.

While the Rora coach entered Barça game and bearing in mind the need to win, and reconciliation of the masses after the defeat of the cup, he played in his own way offensive 4-3-3 progress trio Messi, Pedro, David Villa to achieve density offensive, while Fabregas sat on the bench.

Pressure from the outset was the slogan Rial where no congratulated Barca Pettmrarathm in the first few minutes, and the reason for the constant pressure of some confusion in defenses Catalan, which exploited stars club, and in the sixth minute sent Murata's cross from the left went through the defense Barça saggy, to reach for Benzema who did not find any difficulty in depositing goalkeeper Valdes Barcelona goalkeeper scoring the first goal for Real.

Early goal was not frustrating Ktalaunayn, and tried to restore confidence quickly through Tmrerathm short in the middle, and tried to Messi escape from close monitoring imposed upon defense Royal, and took advantage of Iniesta skill in the middle of the pitch to control Barça of the game, while adopted riyal attacks fast feedback when extracting the ball.

Get rid of close monitoring, and moving without the ball was the main concern of Messi can use his skill missing since the previous game, and already rid Messi controlled Ramos at the same time pass Daniel Alves receives the ball elusive Ramos, and hit a left-foot finish to inhabit the left corner of goalkeeper Lopez scoring the equalizer in the 18 minutes .. Equivalent record of legend Di Stefano, who scored 18 goals in El Clasico meetings, and recorded in game No. 16 on respectively Ballija.

Blaugrana players dominated the midfield through short passes that he knows his stars, but this did not provoke the Real Madrid players who have committed a tactical defense of the middle of their court, relying on counter-attacks by both sides, especially the left side occupied by Murata .. And almost Messi that adds its stinger second on 32 minutes when he hit the ball, but I went in the place where Lopez guard riyal, to which Murata player rial that almost made the royal header from a cross Modric, but shook the net from abroad.

Unlike all matches Clasico came this meeting different in terms of the lack of enthusiasm and skills high, due to the approaching Barcelona to resolve the league title, and focus groups on both legs of Milan, and Almanao in the Champions League was interest not to defeat than a win did not enjoy everyone Balvinyat high in such These games, to end the draw positive half to each team.

There has been no manager changes with the beginning of the second half, though Mourinho asked Ronaldo, Ozil and Sami Khedira to make the process of warming up since the start of preparation for half their pay .. And especially after the low level of the monarchy and not to attack their presence in the front areas in the first few minutes of the half.

Orchestra Catalan regained playing melodies where returned passes fast influential formations special not proficient only Barça, and formed attacks dangerous to throw the real, which made Mourinho is quick to make changes in 58 minutes, where pay duo Ronaldo and Sami Khedira instead of Benzema and Kaka.

Changes of ownership have had magic effect on the meeting, which has become more exciting, and returned Clasico to pleasure where lit Ronaldo atmosphere stadium Bernabeu through his skill, and Antalaqath and blocked, and became riyal dangerous, and almost boy Portuguese Mobster to score with a shot on 64 minutes, but Valdes saved by skillfully .

Rora did not stand a viewer to control Almadridah, pay Balexas Sanchez instead of David Villa on 67 minutes to activate the attack and especially that Spain striker did not do anything during the period in which to play, responded Mourinho change the third in terms of payment Berbiloa instead of Quintrao, to witness the events of the meeting hotter and Hamas was missing in the first half.

Seen remaining minutes of the meeting attempts from both sides to decide the outcome of the meeting, where adopted rial on breakthroughs rapid Cristiano, while the attempts Barça through attempts to hack from the rear, and had the most dangerous opportunities for Murata, who received pass from Pepe himself on impact and succeeded Valdez guard the Catalans in save his shot .. And continue rial superiority and sovereignty over the course of the meeting in 82 minutes sends Modric cross from a corner was met Ramos headed in the upper left corner of the Valdez scoring the goal of excellence for Real and fails Barcelona in the equation result and demanded a penalty in the last minute to block Adriano but referee had a different opinion to end the meeting superiority royal .