Adidas F50 Adizero Messi Broadcast- 2013

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Adidas F50 adiZero Messi broadcast - "Play The Way Messi"

With this color

Adidas are back with another exclusive colorway for the adiZero World Player of the Year Lionel Messi F50. The design is very abstract about it, with the red part of the boot that looks like a tape that runs across the top, with a mixture of tones throughout. The rest of the mother is a clean white, creating a dynamic that evokes the notion of power and precision. You can also obtain the signature logo on the tongue Messi as his name is on the side of the shoe.

On a side note, this colorway looks much better than the previous version Messi exclusive right that we had to. Of course, I am referring to the pair of Adidas Golden Ball for Messi who has published a few months ago. These boots have been widely criticized and quickly disappeared. When this couple was unique and Messi had the only pair, this new colorway is for sale as part of a new collection (F50, F30 and F10 soccer shoes and all clothing and accessories bearing his iconic signature logo).

Perhaps an unusual twist

Now we all know that Messi is a leather upper fan version and continually focused on the synthetic version. But what is strange is that all the media attention surrounding the release, including Messi speaks of them revolves around the synthesis partner. Does this mean that Messi made an unexpected turn and go leatherette?

Red is a Stud

Anyone detect the red pin on the sole? Well, this is the pin that symbolizes Messi, with 10 white blocks around his teammates Messi representative. In other words, there is a hidden message to reaffirm the idea that there is a team player, play to those around him rather than himself. His mantra is "give everything for the team."

Via Adidas

F50 adizero Messi The design is a striking combination of red and white - Red is the favorite color of Messi and the representative of the danger on the ground and his burning passion for the game. Part of the clean white block symbolizes the lightness of movements hisadizero F50 Messi and graphics that complement the speed of inspiration are over.

On the F50 adiZero

This is the fourth color, we have seen in the last version of the F50 adiZero. The biggest difference between this version and the previous adiZeros is a 3D model with texture on top SprintSkin designed to increase performance in all weather conditions. This water wicking material and a high peak model are designed to allow water to slide the latch instead of being absorbed - keeping the foot dry and light even stop the rain.

Tested - the synthetic version

We have had the opportunity to work closely with and test the synthetic version and it was very good. Although the new SprintSkin not seem to add all the obvious performance advantages, the overall composition of the shoe is awesome. There are minor adjustments to the F50 adiZero last, as defined heel design and adding texture at the top, but the basics of the shoe are almost the same.

The most important - is your opinion about this new release and exclusive Messi and you get a pair?