Cristiano Ronaldo is lost

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Cristiano Ronaldo lack of salt
Messi and Falcao laughing, Ronaldo is crying. Three cracks in La Liga, only the Portuguese has trouble keeping up. Far from the hype, the young French hope Kondogbia, he made his merry way to Seville. A weekend Spanish Special numbers 9, finally.
The disappointment of the weekend.
Cristiano Ronaldo. This is not the Portuguese is invisible, far from it. Voluntarily involved, CR7 not lose an opportunity to send a big MINASSE towards the goal. The problem is that it loses its effectiveness. While there is little a kick on his part was more dangerous than a penalty from Sergio Ramos, it seems today Özil is more comfortable than he did in this exercise. Evidence this weekend against Valladolid, where the four offensive players lined by Mourinho, Cristiano is not the only involved on three goals. While 13 goals in 15 games, it's still not bad. But it is ten less than Messi, three less than Falcao, and especially less than its (unique) ratio of the last two seasons. Perhaps the star of the Real does not feel as good in Spain. Still, it's hard to keep up with the other two infernal heavyweights in the league, and the club pays the consequences.

The player of the weekend.
Radamel Messi. Wednesday at 22:30 Messi is serious knee injury. Sunday at 9:25 p.m., he has inscribed twice against Betis, dropping the passage Gerd Müller's record with 86 goals since January. "The world's best beat my record, I'm happy for him," responds in the wake the person. Always expressive Argentine him simply a "the important thing was to stay ahead." Less formatted and equally stunning, Falcao was all smiles with the game ball in his arms. He sent a ball five times in order to Aranzubia in just 45 minutes. "I want to leave my mark, mark the history of Atletico. "This was the case after the Europa League last season, it is a little more since Sunday night.

The French weekend.
Kondogbia. It was quite a departure for Pataquès Varane to Real Madrid, and in view of its strong performance in each of his appearances, there was something. In contrast, 4 million disbursed by Sevilla to bring Geoffrey Kondogbia in Andalusia did not make much noise. Lensoise same training, the same year of birth (1993), the same course young team France. But not in the same position. Kondogbia is defensive midfielder, and the difficulty in Seville, it is gradually gaining playing time since his arrival this summer. Holder this weekend on the lawn Espanyol (2-2), he got the penalty of the first equalization ... his experience. A corner, a light touch, and presto, it won. Something for Michael, his coach. One or two clubbing in the Blues, and it could be the trip to Brazil.

The purpose of the weekend.
Rubén García. Falcao's second goal of Oezil or both could do the trick. But this action between Rubén García and Martins is a perfect illustration of the success of Levante for a year and a half. A team huddled in his camp, regardless of terrain and the enemy, and a speed of forward projection through breathtaking fast and technical attacking players. This purpose, Granotes recover in their half of the field, then the pair of attack linked together a double one-two. Bim bam boom, ball speed and limited keys, traveled 50 meters in a few seconds, and Mallorca who gets punished. Brand Levante.